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No dia 13 de outubro de 2012 assisti este documentário com minha esposa e minhas duas filhas. Gostei muito do documentário, este vídeo abre o leque com as hipóteses que tratam do dilúvio. Eu creio que o dilúvio foi uma soma de todas estas hipóteses. O mundo antigo estava restrito a onde é hoje o Mar Negro. Uma inundação repentina ocorrida através do Mar mediterrâneo e pelo estreito de Bósforo matou afogado toda a humanidade, escapando apenas Noé e sua família. A queda da camada de água da Mesosfera também explica porque a humanidade deixou de viver quase mil anos, e foi reduzida a viver no máximo 100 anos. A teoria do cometa ter atingido o mar e causado um grande Tsunami e de que gêiseres expeliram grande quantidade de água que estavam sob pressão debaixo da terra, explicam a grande tragédia climática no planeta. (Comentário do Valdemir Mota de Menezes, o Escriba)

MISTÉRIOS – A ARCA DE NOÉ por Scribeofgodvaldemir

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Os ímpios e pessoa leigas desconhecem a IRA de  Deus.A ira em si não é um pecado. Deus constantemente ficara irado. Jesus se irou quando expulsou os vendilhões do templo. Na epístola de Tiago se diz: “Irai-vos, mas não pequeis.” Deus irado significa que Deus esta zeloso pela justiça e pela santidade. (Comentário de Valdemir Mota de Menezes, o Escriba)

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EVIDÊNCIAS DO DILÚVIO Durante décadas tenho estudado o tema do dilúvio universal. O que percebo em meio a todas as teorias e evidências físicas e históricas é que de fato houve um evento catastrófico que eliminou quase toda a humanidade, e em segundo lugar, os efeitos biológicos, físicos e químicos no planeta foram tão fortes que mudou toda a estrutura do planeta, influenciando, inclusive, no campo magnético do planeta e modificando as estações do ano. (Comentário do historiador Valdemir Mota de Menezes, o Escriba).
A Biblia tinha razao - YouTube por scribevaldemir EVIDENCE OF FLOOD For decades I have studied the subject of the great flood. What I realize in the midst of all the theories and physical evidence and historical fact is that there was a catastrophic event that wiped out almost all of humanity, and secondly, the effects of biological, physical and chemical on the planet were so strong that changed the whole structure of the planet, influencing even the planet's magnetic field and changing seasons. (Commentary by historian Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe).

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The text below does not represent what I think about the Flood, but as this site is a summary of all the theories that analyze the circumstances of the flood, we open space for all hypotheses. (By: Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)

How did the Earths animals get to their present locations after the flood?
One problem that troubles many people is how the animals of the Earth returned to their homes after the flood. How would animals get from the location of the Ark across the ocean to Australia for example.
Let's begin by reaffirming that God's Word does indeed reveal, in the plainest possible terms, that the whole globe was covered in water during the flood. The only survivors were the inhabitants of the Ark, which included at least one breeding pair of every kind of land-dwelling, air-breathing creature.
Any difficulties in our ability to explain every single situation in detail must therefore be a reflection of our limited understanding.
An island named Krakatoa erupted in 1883, the island remnant remained lifeless for some years, but was eventually colonized by a surprising variety of creatures, including not only insects and earthworms, but birds, lizards, snakes and even a few mammals. No one would expect this surprising array of creatures to have been able to cross the ocean as they obviously did.
Animals can get to isolated areas without the aid of man. For the most part, the animals of Noah's day were faced with far fewer such apparent difficulties. The Ararat region is more or less the mathematical center of the earth's land-masses (Woods, Andrew J., 1973. "The Center of the Earth", ICR Technical Monograph No. 3).
Also as I have stated before, that under the protective canopy before the flood it is quite possible that extreme climates such as deserts and arctic didn't exist. This would mean that Noah would only need to gather animals from his immediate region to attain representatives from the entire world. It wasn't until after the flood that these harsh climates came about causing animals to adapt to them as they migrated there.
Evolutionary anthropologists themselves have no difficulty in acknowledging that men and animals were once freely able to cross the Bering Strait, which separates Asia and the Americas. In fact evolutionists taught and believed that a lowering of the sea level during an ice age (with more water locked up at the poles) would mean that there were land bridges enabling dry-land passage from Europe most of the way to Australia, for example.
We as creationists believe that the aftermath of the flood resulted in the ice age. This fits perfectly with the senario above.
Creationists generally believe there was one great Ice Age after, and as a consequence of, the Flood. This made it possible for animals to migrate over land-bridges for centuries. The large ice caps at the pole which would have covered much father downward than now would have shrunk up a large amount of water creating connections between all of the land masses. After the ice age ended and the Earth began to warm, the sea levels would have risen to the present level cutting these animals off.
How did animals make the long journey? Even though there have been isolated reports of individual animals making startling journeys of thousands of miles, such abilities are not even necessary. A very small number of rabbits were released in Australia by early settlers. Wild rabbits are now found at the very opposite corner (in fact, every corner) of the vast continent. Does that mean that an individual rabbit had to be capable of crossing the whole of Australia? Of course not. Creation speakers are often asked mockingly, "Did the kangaroo hop all the way to Australia?" We see by the rabbit example that this is a somewhat foolish question. However, let us answer it, anyway.
Did the Kangaroo Hop all the Way to Australia? Populations of animals may have had centuries to migrate, relatively slowly, over many generations.
Incidentally, the opposite question (also common), as to whether the two kangaroos hopped all the way from Australia to the Ark, is also easily answered. Genesis 1:9 suggests that there may have been only one land-mass. ("Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.") For all we know, kangaroos might have been feeding within a stone's throw of Noah while he was building the Ark.
The Earth could have easily been one land mass prior to the flood. The Bible states that the waters of the deep exploded upward during the catastrophic event. The entire face of the Earth would have been altered and many seperate land masses could have easily appeared as the water receeded.
It may be asked, if creatures were migrating to Australia over a long time (which journey would have included such places as Indonesia, presumably) why do we not find their fossils en route in such countries? Fossilization is a rare event, requiring, as a rule, sudden burial to prevent decomposition. Fossils found today are a result of the sudden and destructive flood. Animals dying naturally are not fossilized. There must be a sudden rapid burial for fossilization to take place.
Lions lived in Palestine until relatively recent times. Not surprisingly, we don't find lion fossils in Palestine, yet this doesn't prevent us believing the many historical reports of their presence. The millions of bison that once roamed the United States of America have left virtually no fossils. So why should it be a surprise that small populations, presumably under migration pressure from competitors and/or predators, and thus living in only one area for a few generations at most, should leave no fossils?
There is a widespread, but mistaken, belief that marsupials are found only in Australia, thus supporting the idea that they must have evolved there. Live marsupials are found also in America, for instance, and fossil marsupials even in Europe. The recent discovery of a fossil platypus tooth in South America stunned the scientific community (New Scientist, August 24, 1991). Therefore, in evolutionary terms, since they are all believed to have come from a common ancestor, migration between Australia and other areas must have been possible.
We can see clearly that the animals final destination after the flood can easily be explained. No we do not have all of the answers and all of the facts, but we have a very reasonable explanation for the events after the flood.

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Este documental trata de mostrar algunos aspectos de los postulados básicos de la teoría de la evolución. Científicos poeminentes, el debate sobre la medición del carbono-14, la edad geológica de la tierra, las teorías de cómo la inundación debe haber sido universal. Todos muestran evidencia científica de que la Biblia tiene razón acerca de temas cruciales como la creación de la vida y el diluvio. (Texto Valdemir Mota de Menezes, el escriba)

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Um dia, porém, a humanidade começou a murmurar.

- Este Maire-monan é um feiticeiro! - dizia o cochicho intenso das ocas. - Assim como criou vegetais e animais, esse bruxo há de criar monstros e Tupã sabe o que mais!

Então, certo dia, os homens decidiram aprontar uma armadilha para esse novo semideus. Maire-monan foi convidado para uma festa, na qual lhe foram feitos três desafios.

- Bela maneira de um anfitrião receber um convidado! - disse Mairemonan, desconfiado.

- É simples, na verdade - disse o chefe dos conspiradores. - Você só terá de transpor, sem queimar-se, estas três fogueiras. Para um ser como você, isso deve ser muito fácil!

Instigado pelos desafiantes, e talvez um pouco por sua própria vaidade, Maire-monan acabou aceitando o desafio.

- Muito bem, vamos a isso! - disse ele, querendo pôr logo um fim à comédia.

Maire-monan passou incólume pela primeira fogueira, mas na segunda a coisa foi diferente: tão logo pisou nela, grandes labaredas o envolveram. Diante dos olhos de todos os índios, Maire-monan foi consumido pelas chamas, e sua cabeça explodiu. Os estilhaços do seu cérebro subiram aos céus, dando origem aos raios e aos trovões que são o principal atributo de Tupã, o deus tonante dos tupinambás que os jesuítas, ao chegarem ao Brasil, converteram por conta própria no Deus das sagradas escrituras.

Desses raios e trovões originou-se um segundo dilúvio, desta vez arrasador.

No fim de tudo, porém, as nuvens se desfizeram e por detrás delas surgiu, brilhando, uma estrela resplandecente, que era tudo quanto restara do corpo de Maire-monan, ascendido aos céus.

Depois que o mundo se recompôs de mais um cataclismo, o tempo passou e vieram à Terra dois descendentes de Maire-monan: eles eram filhos de um certo Sommay, e se chamavam Tamendonare e Ariconte.


I watched this movie on February 22, 2012. I have some criticism and praise about this film work. Among the absurdities that I could see one of them is that the writer of the film, demonstrating complete ignorance about the chronology of Biblical facts. Noah did not live in Israel, near Sodom and Gomorrah. Noah's pre-exists the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The author also makes the almost biblical epic in a comedy film by showing an itinerant trader who goes by the East selling trinkets, and even after the world is underwater, comes this merchant offering bugingangas for Noah and his family in the ark. Now that the merchant be in a makeshift boat. It's absurd.

What I liked in this movie was the fact that he bring out how the animals were entering the ark. The animals were driven by God to voluntarily enter the ark. One of the difficulties (it is not unbelief) that I have to understand how the flood happened, is that the ark. The construction, the material to make a complex piece of engineering like this ship can not have been the work of a mere man of limited knowledge. The film depicts God directing Noah, on the construction, as well as part of the material to build the Ark was miraculously provided by teleportation to materialize. The period that the family of Noah was shipped may have generated, no doubt, behavioral problems or psychological. The film also depicts Noah and his family with an outbreak of insanity. What was likely to have occurred. At the end God decides to save humanity and give a new chance and warned Noah to be destroyed for mankind He does not need to intervene because the men would know how to destroy themselves. In this detail, but the Bible says that God will destroy the world again, this did like fire. Probably with the explosion of our star the sun, or other astronomical event that will destroy the planet Earth.









Assisti este filme no dia 22 de fevereiro de 2012. Tenho algumas críticas e elogios a respeito desta obra cinematográfica. Dentre os absurdos que pude perceber, um deles é o fato do escritor do filme, demonstrar ignorância completa sobre a cronologia dos fatos bíblicos. Noé não viveu em Israel, nas imediações de Sodoma e Gomorra. Noé pre-existe a destruição de Sodoma e Gomorra. O autor também quase transforma o épico bíblico em um filme de comédia ao mostrar um comerciante ambulante que sai pelo Oriente vendendo quinquilharias, e mesmo após o mundo estar debaixo d´agua, surge este mercante oferecendo bugingangas para Noé e sua família na arca. Agora o tal mercador estar em um barco improvisada. É um absurdo.

O que gostei neste filme foi o fato dele trazer a tona a forma como os animais foram entrando na arca. Os animais eram impulsionados por Deus para voluntáriamente entrarem na Arca. Uma das dificuldades (não se trata de incredulidade) que tenho em entender como aconteceu o dilúvio, é o fato da Arca. A construção, o material para fazer uma complexa obra de engenharia naval como esta não pode ter sido obra de um simples homem de conhecimento limitado. O filme mostra Deus, orientando Noé, sobre a construção, bem como parte do material para construir a Arca foi milagrosamente fornecido por materialização ao teleportação. O período que a família de Noé ficou embarcado pode ter gerado, sem dúvidas, problemas comportamental ou mesmo de ordem psicológica. O filme também retrata Noé e sua família tendo surto de insanidade. O que era provável ter ocorrido. Ao final Deus resolve poupar a humanidade e dar uma nova chance e advertiu Noé que para a humanidade ser destruida Ele não precisaria intervir, pois os homens saberiam como eles mesmos se destruirem. Quanto a este detalhe, a Bíblia fala sim que Deus destruirá o mundo novamente, desta fez como fogo. Provavelmente com a explosão da nossa estrela o sol, ou outro evento astronômico que destruirá o planeta Terra.